Monday, 4 March 2013

Volume 6: Paper Ships

My love for you lies
At the top of the little hill
At the bottom of champagne bottles
Like paper ships

You were a sailor
And I was a little girl
Brought up on the docks
Watching the ships and the sea

Our eyes met and you tipped your hat
Offered me a glass
And showed me your paper ship
Sailing in a sparkling white sea

I was Ulysses
And you were a siren
You tugged on the thread
To let my sails flutter free
In captivity

I couldn't tell you why I felt that way
But my two likeliest suspects
Are your rugged half smile
Accompanied by this champagne

The tide rose and fell
Into our crystal flutes
We watched the sun set
On our paper ship
Through translucent glass

Everything becomes a series
Of silent scenes and time lapses
Full glasses to empty and back again
I don't remember falling in love

Am I in love?
Or have I just stumbled onto a paper ship
Destined to rock back and forth
On white bubbly froth

Every time I take a sip
The sea foam rises to meet my lips
And whenever I miss you
I reach for the bottle of sea and paper ships

I don't know if I can dive that deep
For the mere possibility of finding a pearl
Or a diamond ring
I can't decide if those deep blue eyes
Are worth nearly drowning

I remember watching you sail away
A train wreck on the sea
I can't bear to watch you leave me
But I can't tear my eyes away

The sunset looks less beautiful from the shore
I remind myself that ships look splendid
Docked on the pier
But I cannot be a sailor

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