Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Volume 45: Bittersweet Dreams

"The only girl I've ever loved was born with roses in her eyes..." - Holland, 1945

... I watched her fall asleep each night
All dressed in satin cloth of white
And close her lovely light brown eyes...

And I gave her to her dreams
With a soft kiss on her cheek
Watched her smile finally
One last time

I closed her eyes, oh, just in time
She did not see dark clouds arrive
She slept at ease through that dark night
And in that night...

All she wanted was to dream
To send a bottle out to sea
And then come running back to me
With starry eyes

Those starry eyes, so full of life
Those light brown eyes, I'm hypnotized
They light up all my darkest nights
But in that night...

The nightmares came to sleep
To suck the life out of our dreams
And choirs of our screams
Filled up the night...

That dreadful night, [I] was terrified
They lit up fires in our skies
Sickening sounds of flashing knives
Tore through my dreams

But she never ceased to dream
About the bottle out at sea
Crystal clear, but out of reach
Like starry eyes

Those starry eyes, so ever bright
Just like a fire burning high
To warm my thoughts on coldest nights
And every night

I always want to dream
Of finding bottles from the sea
With the love she sends to me
But every night

Oh, every night, those darkest nights
I wake up screaming, ghostly white
Eternal battles, endless fights
Invade my dreams

How I wish to share her dreams
Just to join her in her sleep
All these secrets that I keep
Flow from my eyes

My lonely eyes, each time I cry
I miss her more, my darling bride
I'll see her in my dreams tonight
Like every night

Her beauty haunts my dreams
Though the gunshots have all ceased
The only thing I seek
Are those starry eyes

Her starry eyes, I don't know why
I sealed them shut that dreadful night
And the regret clenches my mind

So many words I have to keep
When I miss her next to me
The only thing I see
Are lonely eyes

Desolate eyes, the light brown eyes
That look like hers but half as bright
Wish they were hers but they are...

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