Sunday, 7 April 2013

Volume 24: Limited; Not Infinite

The sun is most beautiful
When it meets the mountains
And the rain feels instantly relieved
When it finally hits the ground
Because traveling the atmosphere forever
Would be more exhausting than anything

The airplanes who've seen everything
Would agree; there is nothing more beautiful
Than the thought of being lonely forever
Interrupted by snow-capped mountains
Reaching up to guide them to the ground
Followed by a sigh of relief

Evening stars smile, relieved,
At the first glimpse of dawn that brightens everything
When their light can no longer touch the ground
They find nothing more beautiful
Than being able to fade back to the mountains
And take a break from shining forever

I, too, often wonder how forever
Would feel, but my unexpected relief
Always come from the mountains
I climb over. It reminds me that everything
Is alive and in motion and beautiful
With every step that touches the ground

Walk with me, keep me on the ground
I could listen to your steady breaths forever
We'll keep pace with the natural beauty
Around us, exhale with relief
As we watch the mist settle over the mountains
Painting soft tranquility over everything

I've decided that I wouldn't want anything
More than to stand with you on the highest ground
At the peaks of the tallest mountains
It's a moment that needs not to last forever
Just long enough for us to realize, breathlessly relieved,
That one does not have to be infinite to be beautiful

The sun is most beautiful over the mountains
And the rain finds relief upon reaching the ground
Don't you agree that being forever together is better than anything?

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