Sunday, 2 December 2012

Volume 360: Run

My half sentence left hanging
You flew off so fast
Said something about "space"
And how "this" never lasts

I heard you're traveling the world
Guess you're sick of our fights
So you'll drink in the freedom
And fall in love every night

I've never seen anyone
Run so far, so fast
Are you trying to escape
Your future or your past?

Thought back to the days when
Our world revolved around love
Guess it does orbit something
But it sure isn't us

Hang up your jacket
On old dusty dreams
And brush away my heart
Every time you hang up on me

It's been a few weeks
I'm sitting here confused
Not sure if I'm going mad
Or just missing you

I've never seen anyone
Run so far, so fast
And I can't help but wonder
If you'll ever come back

Your suitcase, exhausted
Is passed out on the couch
From  your non-stop running
Day in and day out

You're both so hung over
From the cities and sights
Empty bottle of patron
Empty memory of last night

You flew off your flight
Ran so far, so fast
Did you think there was a chance
Or did you know it wouldn't last?

Since the day you left
I've been too scared to dream
Maybe your wandering heart
Would wander back to me

You can run wherever you like
But I've always known
You can run far; run fast
But there's nothing like home

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