Thursday, 14 June 2012

Volume 147: The Rage of June

There’s a maiden nigh who lives in the sky
Named for the month of June
The goddess fair loved playing there,
Above the cold lagoon

Her hair of gold down her shoulders rolled
Reflected by the moon
As smooth as brass was her looking glass
Her lovely silver moon

One night, she remarked, was especially dark
Over the cold lagoon
For not in the sky, she soon realized,
Was her shining silver moon

In wild dismay she searched the bay
For a trace of her beloved moon
She froze in shock, for the moon she sought
Had fallen into the cold lagoon

Like a deck of cards, tossed were the shards
Of her beautiful silver moon
Too far to save from the cruel waves
Of the hateful cold lagoon

From its place in the sky, it was stolen by
Water nymphs from the cold lagoon
Their laughter filled the air, for they did not care
As they played with her precious moon

As she glared down with a scornful frown
Into the cold lagoon
The nymphs still played on the swirling waves
With the ever sparkling moon

Her eyes glittered with spite, much to the fright
Of those near the cold lagoon
The sky turned grey along the bay
Everywhere dark clouds were strewn

They began to fall, and the high winds called
Down to the cold lagoon
“A storm is due!” A sickly hue
Stretched o’er the cold lagoon

At the screaming gale, the nymphs’ faces paled
Inside the cold lagoon
Gloom filled the sky and down they dived
Taking with them the silver moon

“Come back here fools, you cursèd ghouls!
And give me back my moon!”
She shrieked in vain, “I’ll have thee slain
For stealing my silver moon!”

None could revolt, she drew a bolt
To launch at the cold lagoon
But then she stopped, for she saw a dot
At the edge of the cold lagoon

“My lady, please, listen to me!”
Called the dot from the cold lagoon
For in the sand there stood a man
On the shore of the cold lagoon

The knight with a net said “Please don’t fret
My dearest goddess June
With a fisher’s skill I promise I will
Retrieve your precious moon

I’ll have nothing above your undying love
In exchange for the fallen moon
So promise me this, seal it with a kiss
And you shall have your moon”

 “Alright” said she, “but pray, hurry,
Bring back my silver moon!”
And she blew a kiss to the abyss
That was the cold lagoon

So the knight agreed and vowed to succeed
In his quest to retrieve the moon
He gathered up all his might, and in the cold night
Dove into the cold lagoon

He was brave and tough, but not enough
For the waves of the cold lagoon
He looked about, and then reached out
But found but a wat’ry tomb

She watched in shock ‘til he appeared on the rocks
On the shore of the cold lagoon
His face looked ill, and his heart went still...
And he did not have the moon

From her place in the sky, with a hopeless cry
She cursed the cold lagoon
“Vile waters blue, oh why did you
Take away my love so soon?”

And so she grieved that summer eve
In the fateful month of June
When her love disappeared, just as she feared
Into the cold lagoon

She cried each year and thus her tears
Filled up the cold lagoon
On summer nights under dim starlight
She wept... for her silver moon

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